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Perihelion is the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet at which it is closest to the sun.

At Perihelion, not only is a body travelling at it’s highest velocity, but it is also the most effective and efficient moment to alter the object’s orbital trajectory. By applying small, calculated changes at Perihelion you can completely alter your course.

At Perihelion, we want to help you reach your greatest height by creating bespoke digital content that most effectively and efficiently communicates your message directly to your audience.


Our Services

Perihelion is a full-service creative agency that specialises in providing video, animation and graphic design services to the space sector. We are based in Vienna, Austria – the home of the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, and the focus of the space sector in Europe.

With intimate knowledge of space-law and policy and a technical understanding of the challenges facing the industry, we are uniquely positioned to be able to communicate your message to specialists in the industry, or to the wider public.

Whether you are looking to promote a new project or reach a new audience, speak to us and together we can launch your organisation to new heights.


Branded Content

Use a combination of video and animation to tell a story to captivate your audience. We will take you through every stage of production, from script to screen.

Branding and Identity

Whether you want to create a new brand from scratch, or just need help to refresh an existing identity, we can work with you to establish your needs and provide a tailor-made solution.

Traditional Advertising

If you want to reach your audience in the real world, we have experience creating everything from posters to billboards. No job too big or too small.


Social Media

From custom banners to complete campaigns, we can solidify your online presence with co-ordinated and targeted advertising so that you reach your intended audience every time.

Creative Consulting

Have an in-house team already? No problem. Let us offer our consulting services to give a fresh perspective on your project.

Long-term Strategy

We can work with you to create a multi tiered campaign that capitalises on momentum and keeps your organisation consistently relevant.

David Delany

Chief Creative Officer

With a background in fine-art, educated at the best Animation school in the UK, and over 7 years of experience creating content for the environmental sector, David combines technical know-how with creative drive to produce narrative-led videos that captivate and charm.

David believes the future of humanity lies beyond the Earth, and wants to make this future a reality by promoting exploration, commerce and industry in space.

Judith Delany

Chief Executive Officer

With a Masters Degree in International Relations with a focus on Space Law and Policy, Judith’s passion is matched only by her knowledge of the current legal landscape which is paving the way for the future exploration and exploitation of space and the practical challenges that face the industry as a whole.

Judith has a background in Media Communications and Journalism and combines her knowledge of social media, marketing and content production with her technical experience to plan and implement strategies for the space sector.

About Us

David and Judith founded Perihelion in 2018.

Born too late to explore the Earth, and too early to explore the stars, they instead apply their considerable talents to promoting and communicating the goals of the space sector so that the next generation might take the next giant leap a little sooner.

With an extensive network of reliable freelancers, gathered from over 20 years of combined experience, Perihelion is able to grow to match the capacity of a larger agency while being small enough to provide a personal, bespoke service to our clients.

Find out how we can help you make your next project a stellar success.

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